Roses are red, violets are blue and hearts will be super giddy this Valentine’s Day.

You are probably thinking of that lovely restaurant where you will have your Valentine’s Day dinner or what you will gift bae that will sweep him or her off their feet. Perhaps the latest iPhone, a bouquet of roses or a truck load of chocolate treats?

Love is truly a remarkable thing to celebrate but there’s only something worth celebrating when you are alive and well. One moment, one can have everything life has to offer, and lose it all in a split second because of one small decision.

Our choices make all the difference in our daily outcomes. Wrong choices can lead to mistakes that can alter the cause of a life and we all have families and friends who mean the world to us.

They care about us and are counting on us to show up for them, always. It takes just one decision to define how the story ends – one wrongful turn of a steering wheel while driving under the influence of alcohol can change a beautiful story.

As you go out to celebrate life and love this Valentine season, it is your sole responsibility to stay safe. Exercise your right to life by making the choice to never drink and drive.

If you end up having drinks, even if it’s one bottle or glass, choose the safer option, get a Designated Driver. You shouldn’t drink if you are driving, because one drink is one too many.

#JoinThePact is a global campaign by Diageo to reduce accidents and injuries caused by drunk driving. Over 20 million people worldwide have made the pledge to never drink and drive in order to make our roads safer for everyone.

Visit #JoinThePact website to make your pledge now and learn more about our goal to reduce drink driving accidents by 2025.



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